Europa Universalis IV free for a limited time at Epic Games Store

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Heads up everyone, Europa Universalis IV is this week’s free pick at the Epic Games Store.

Europa Universalis Iv 1

Europa Universalis IV is a strategy simulation game developed by Paradox Development Studio that can be played in either single or multiplayer. The game allows players to take control of a nation from the Late Middle Ages through the early modern period conducting trade, administration and of course, warfare.

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The game features an interactive map that is divided into provinces. It is then up to the player to choose how he will be leading his nation, finding a balance between military, diplomacy and economic proficiency. Check out its trailer below.

Originally priced at PHP 777.99, Europa Universalis IV is now free until October 7 at 11 PM, at the Epic Games Store. To claim and download the game, simply log on to your account and click on the ‘Get’ button.

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