Razer lists common ailments experienced by gamers

Razer has launched its “Champions Start from Within” esports wellness program, which seeks to promote healthy and sustainable gaming habits in the highly demanding and competitive gaming industry.

According to Newzoo’s Global Esports & Live Streaming market report, the global esports revenue has increased significantly and is predicted to see a year-on-year growth of +14.5% to be valued at USD 1,084 million by 2021. Enticed by this, multiple athletes often push themselves to the limits and unknowingly neglect their mental and physical wellbeing in the process. With that in mind, Razer provided a list of which ailments are most common and which percentage of gamers experience them from a survey with over 6,500 participants.

Headaches – 27% of gamers experience headaches before gaming, while 30% experience headaches after gaming.
Vision Issues – 22% of gamers experience blurry vision, irritation, or even dry eyes.
Lack of Sleep – 42% of gamers have difficulty sleeping, while 36% sleep less than 6 hours on average per night.
Back and Neck pain – 32% of gamers experience lower back pain, while 35% experience stiff neck.
Hand and Wrist pain – Finally, about 21% of gamers experience carpal tunnel, tendinitis, or synovitis.

As a result, the average age of retirement for an esport athlete is around 24 years young, which is noted to be much younger than your traditional athlete. Often, physical injuries and mental stress caused by irregular schedules and diets are cited as the main reasons for retirement.

Because of this, Razer is launching its esports wellness program, which collaborates with psychologists, physical therapists, nutritionists, and other experts to provide resources in the form of videos, articles, and events—that focus on four key elements which are: physical activity, mental health, sleep, and nutrition. These resources will include:

• Articles and videos providing advice and tips on how to take care of yourself physically and mentally while grinding for a big tournament.
• Panel discussions that shed light on the mental and physical demands of esports.
• One-on-one access to Razer’s partner experts through an appointment system where gamers can set up meetings with physical therapists, doctors, and other professionals.
• Events that will feature experts in the esports wellness industry, which is open to the public.

The Champions Start from Within program has already provided articles from Ritual Motion and a series of videos from Respawn Therapy, an organization consisting of Doctors of Physical Therapy committed to improving health and wellness for gamers. These topics range from coping with fatigue and burnout to proper sitting postures.

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