OPPO AR Glass now official

Another exciting product that OPPO introduced during their INNO day keynote is the OPPO AR Glass, which can be used to view AR content, play AR games, and get access to AR services.

Inside the Glasses, users will be looking through a panel with Diffractive Waveguide technology and will be able to see interactive objects come to life.

The OPPO AR Glass features two fisheye cameras situated on the eyes, an HD camera in the middle supported by two TOF sensors on either side.

The OPPO AR Glass is equipped with speakers capable of producing 3D directional on the frame instead of on the ear so users could get a more immersive experience by being able to hear their surroundings.

OPPO has yet to unveil the launch date, availability, and pricing of the OPPO AR Glass. Stay tuned for more OPPO INNO day updates.


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