Mobile Legends: Adventure is an MLBB-based Idle RPG spinoff from Moonton

Moonton recently released a new Idle RPG game based on its most popular MOBA game, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, called Mobile Legends: Adventures.

The idle RPG genre is usually directed to players where they don’t have much time on their hands or just simply not into continuous clicking on their screens. As stated in the game’s video trailer caption, the Mobile Legends: Adventures is the sequel game to the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. Apart from being an AFK (Away-From-Keyboard) game, the game also features premium status and Gacha-type of collecting characters. Expect that in order to get stronger at a faster pace, you might need to spend real money.

Here are the main mechanics of this game:

  • Carefree Idle Gameplay – Go idle and you can get resources, upgrades, and other rewards
  • Endless Stages – There are a few things that you can do other than just going AFK. You can go through the campaign scenarios, labyrinth, Tower of Babel, and many more.
  • Summon Heroes – You can summon heroes that range from the most common type to the rarest one.
  • PvP system – You can challenge other players and form a Guild with other people to challenge the Guild Boss together.
  • Every character has a specific skill when battling. You can choose to fight manually and press them on your own or choose to auto-battle instead.
  • Characters in this game are based on Mobile Legends: Bang Bang so expect that the heroes from that game are obtainable here as well.

Check out the game trailer below.

The Mobile Legends: Adventure is available for download in the Google Play Store and Apple Store, however, it is not yet available in the Philippines. Moonton will most likely launch the game in more countries in the future especially here in the country.

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