Monster Hunter World: Iceborne full story trailer launched, DLC details revealed

After numerous teaser clips, Capcom has finally released the full story trailer of Monster Hunter World’s biggest downloadable content (DLC) yet — Iceborne.

In the DLC trailer, winter has come to the New World and along it comes threats including new and some returning iconic monsters added to the game’s roster. There’s a whole new story that players will explore in the game as well as the new map “Hoarfrost Reach” that they can explore.

Some of the monsters shown here are:

  • Legiana (new variant)
  • Velkhana (new)
  • Banbaro (new)
  • Beotodus (new)
  • Nargacuga (returning)
  • Tigrex (returning)
  • Glavenus (returning)

There is also a new hunter tool called “Clutch Claw” where players can latch into monsters activating a mini-mount action where they can unload their slinger ammo or perform a weapon combo. Hunters can now use the slingers even if their weapons are drawn which is very helpful when hunting dangerous monsters.

Capcom also introduced a faster way to roam around the map called Raider Rides where you can ride a Jagras.

There are also new weapon combos, mod scopes, and mechanics in the new DLC which will excite players even further.

The Monster Hunter World: Iceborne will be available on September 6, 2019, for Xbox One and PlayStation 4. The PC version via Steam’s availability is yet to be announced. Players will get a Yukumo layered armor set upon pre-ordering the game. The Digital Deluxe edition also comes with the following:

  • Silver Knight layered armor set
  • 3 gestures
  • 2 sticker sets
  • 1 face paint
  • 1 hairstyle
  • 1 decor set (for room customization)

Watch the game trailer below.

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