5 Educational Android Games for kids that you can download

Mobile devices like smartphones and tablets are too common nowadays that it’s easy for kids to get access. Opinions are divided as to whether it is good or bad for them, but we believe that moderation is the key. And if you ever you want to give your kid some “gadget time”, why not make it educational? For that, here are educational Android games for kids that you can download

Magic Kinder Official App

Publisher: Ferrero Trading Lux S.A.

Magic Kinder is an app developed by, you guessed it, the same company who creates the Kinder chocolates. I mainly picked this game since it doesn’t run interrupting ads and because you can collect Kinder surprise toys just like in real life.

[appbox googleplay com.ferrero.magickinder.tablet]

Math Puzzle – Rise up and improve your mind

As someone who likes solving math problems, I’d definitely want this game to be tried out by kids. It comes with basic to complex arithmetic equations and other game modes.

Publisher: Andrei & Aleksandr Krupiankou

[appbox googleplay de.softan.brainstorm]

Brain Games Kids

Publisher: pescAPPs

This game has 12 various game modes with three difficulties (+3 years, +6 years, and +10 years) that kids will enjoy playing. These games also improve their memory skills which will help them excel in school.

[appbox googleplay com.pescapps.BrainGames]

Batibot TV/Batibot Games

Publisher: Batibot

Of course, we have the saying “Tangkilikin ang sariling atin” so I included the Batibot TV/Games app in this list. If you remember back in our childhood, Batibot is one of the TV programs that promoted interactive educational learning, and this app does the same thing for kids. The modes of the game will exercise a kid’s memory and analytical skills.

[appbox googleplay com.noobs2d.batibot.games.android]

Kids Learn: Color, Shape, Number, Alphabet, Animal

Lastly, the Kids Learn app allows kids to gain the fundamental knowledge that we all need to know when growing up. It includes the familiarization of colors, shapes, number, alphabets, animals, and other objects.

Publisher: SAS Tech

[appbox googleplay com.kids.learning.preschool]

What do you guys think? Will you download these apps for your kids? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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