Top Nintendo Switch Games of March 2018

February was a slow month for the Nintendo Switch but thankfully, March picked up the pace a bit and introduced a number of notable major title releases and ports. Most explosive of them all is the return of everyone’s favorite pink puff that loves to eat. Let’s get to it then, here are the Top Nintendo Switch Games of March 2018.

Major Game Releases and Ports

Kirby Star Allies

Nintendo’s line-up in a console would never be complete unless they include the whole gang. With Donkey Kong entering this month, it’s only natural that they introduce another iconic character to their hybrid console — the little pink puff known as Kirby. Kirby Star Allies is currently a Nintendo Switch exclusive and was released to the platform on March 16. The game, pretty much like most of its previous iterations, is a 2.5D side-scrolling platformer. What’s new here is that instead of the enemies possessing Kirby when they get swallowed, he throws hearts at them in order to make them allies. This power came into being due to the explosion of a dark crystal in a far away planet, Jambastion.

A few of the series characters, King Dedede and Meta Knight, got hit by the heart during their investigation and became possessed. Then when a heart hit Kirby, instead of being possessed, he gained the ability to befriend enemies. He can befriend a total of three enemies. The game also features Co-Op multiplayer where the additional players control Kirby’s allies. Other than that, when with companions, Kirby receives new special attacks to create combos with his allies. These combos could be single-use moves or fusions that last as long as the power is held or replaced by another fusion.

If Kirby has three allies, meaning the player has a full party, the team will be able to perform “Friend Actions” on specific stages. He can also call upon “Dream Friends” which are characters from previous Kirby games. The game has received fairly positive reviews thanks to its gorgeous visuals and beautiful soundtrack. Although, it did receive criticism for being too easy. If you wish to play with Nintendo’s little pink puff then head on over to DataBlitz or iTechPH/GameOnePH for a physical copy of the game priced at Php 2,795 or to Nintendo’s e-shop for a digital copy priced at $59.99 (~Php 3,118).

Attack on Titan 2

Nintendo finally gets the post-apocalyptic human-eating giant treatment with the release of Attack on Titan 2 on the Switch. The game uses the hack and slash formula and follows the first two seasons of the anime. It lets players create their very own character that interacts with the main protagonists of the show. Aside from following the plot of the anime, it also includes original story content supervised by the author and illustrator of Attack on Titan (AoT) himself, Hajime Isayama.

Gameplay is pretty much the same as the first game, except that story mode is now playable in full Co-Op and that it now has a character creator. Basically, players take control of their very own Survey Corps character fully equipped with the squad’s 3D-maneuver gear, the iconic equipment AoT characters use to slay titans. As such, players will roam around the map zooming from building to building in an attempt to slay any titan they come across. The game received generally positive reviews due to its improvements over the previous title but it was criticized for its poorly paced story and almost recycled content.

If you wish to have some heart-pumping titan killing action with friends then head on over to DataBlitz or iTechPH/GameOnePH for a physical copy of the game priced at Php 2,995 or to Nintendo’s e-shop for a digital copy priced at $59.99 (~Php 3,118).

Outlast 2

Outlast 2 is the second title and sequel to the first-person survival horror game, Outlast. It was first released back in April 2017 for the PC, Playstation 4, and Xbox One. Almost a year later, the Switch finally receives its own version. Outlast 2 follows the story of Blake and Lynn Langermann as they roam around Arizona desert investigating the murder of a pregnant woman known only as Jane Doe. During their exploration, the two got separated when their helicopter crashed. Now, Blake must look for her wife whilst traversing through a village inhabited by people who believe the end of the world is upon them.

The game pretty much plays like its predecessor, players control Langermann as he explores Northern Arizona. Blake cannot fight except during scripted scenes, so what players do is they run and hide during exploration. It also doesn’t help that he wears glasses that, when dropped, will limit his vision. Players can make Langermann crouch, run, jump, walk, vault, slide and climb like in the first game. Although, they must take note of Langermann’s stamina meter which when depleted makes him move a lot slower. They can also hide him in lockers, barrels, wardrobes, beds, pools of water, tall grass, cornfields, and inside of houses.

The only equipment available to the players is Langermann’s camcorder, which has night vision capabilities but with limited battery. Thankfully, to aid players in their adventure, medkits and spare batteries are spread all throughout the game. Outlast 2 received fairly good reviews and is praised for its horror elements and draw-in factor. Although, it was criticized for its theme of psychological horror that doesn’t fit well with jump scares.

If you wish to get a different kind of scare then head on over to Nintendo’s e-shop for a digital copy of the game priced at $29.99 (~Php 1,558).

And that’s it for March! It may not have been a stellar month again, but April and May is shaping up to be quite the explosive months based on previous announcements. So again, join us at the end of the month for our April list.

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