Top 3 Best Controllers for Smash Bros Ultimate


The Super Smash Bros series has been a staple for Nintendo fans ever since its first release in 1999 on the N64. Since then, there have been four more installments of the game, with the more recent one being Super Smash Bros Ultimate. With a tenure of 23 years in the gaming scene, there have been a number of controllers available to fully optimize your Smash Bros Ultimate experience.

1. 8bitdo Pro 2 Controller


The first, but definitely not the best, is the 8bitdo Pro 2. Although I do have the controller as the best one to have on the Nintendo Switch, it’s not exactly the best for Smash Bros. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a fantastic controller, but in my opinion the PlayStation style layout of the controller isn’t exactly the best for Smash Bros. But it’s with its affordable price range, with a software and macros, it’s a fantastic controller if you’re looking to buy a controller to play all your games on the Switch, not just Smash Bros.

The 8bitdo Pro 2 Controller is Php1,995 on Shopee and Lazada.

2. Nintendo Switch Pro Controller


With the Nintendo Switch being my favorite console of all time, I didn’t expect the Pro Controller to be my favorite controller of all time. I’ve had my original pro controller with me since 2018, and even until now it has shown no signs of drifting or any signs of it breaking. When I first picked up Smash Bros Ultimate, I originally started playing it with the pro controller, and it was a great time. The button and stick layout seemed perfect, and being able to get all my combos in when using Byleth and Link were a breeze. The only criticism I may have from this controller is that despite myself not experiencing it, it does have reports of stick drift. Aside from that, this is, in my opinion, the second best controller to use when playing Smash Bros Ultimate.

3. GameCube Controller

Now, this is the ULTIMATE reason why I have the pro controller second on the list. The layout of the GameCube controller is the best layout when playing any Smash Bros game. With the A button being the most important button for smash, it’s no surprise that the biggest button on the controller is the A button. And with all the other right buttons so close beside it, landing combos are easier than ever. The layout does have a little bit of a learning curve though. As someone who switched from the pro controller to the GameCube Controller, it will take you a couple of hours to get used, and you should be fine.


The main reason I absolutely love the GameCube controller are the horizontal gates the sticks have. If you take a look at the sticks on the previously mentioned controllers, the surrounding gates are round, but the GameCube controllers’ are octagonal. This gives players more precision when landing attacks, and makes playing the game a little bit easier.

There are a ton of GameCube controllers out there, so below are some videos to help you choose the right one for you. As for the one I use, I use the Exlene Wireless GameCube Controller, which is around Php1,200 on Shopee and Lazada.

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