Ragnarok Online 2 launches in the Philippines

After the original PC and mobile version, Gravity is releasing Ragnarok Online 2 in the Philippines.

The spiritual successor to the Ragnarok PC game offers a different experience with 3D graphics while adding new aspects to the original gameplay. Players can choose a profession aside from their system class such as a Chef, Alchemist, or Artisan. Monster cards are now classified into ranks and will be integrated into the character rather than items. Moreso, luring pets would be harder as it will require their DNA to make them as your pet.

A closed beta test with map and level limits is currently underway and will end by December 3rd. Open Beta Test will also be opened after, but the items and experience you’ve gained during CBT will not carry over to the OBT. You may check out this Facebook post to know more of the current CBT details, or visit the Ragnarok Online 2 PH webpage to register and download the game client.


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