Pokemon Home, Pokemon Sleep with Pokemon Go Plus Plus announced

In its conference, the Pokemon Company has just unveiled a cloud service named Pokemon Home, and a new game called Pokemon Sleep.

Pokemon Home is a cloud service that allows users to gather up all their captured monsters from the various Pokemon games. The service will work with Nintendo Switch, iOS, and Android devices and can also connect with Pokemon Bank, Pokemon Let’s Go, Pokemon Sword and Shield, and Pokemon GO. Pokemon Home will feature a trading system as well.

On the other hand, Pokemon Sleep is an app that will turn sleep time into game time. The Pokemon Company has stated that it intends to incorporate sleeping and resting into Pokemon Sleep. With the use of a new tracking device called the Pokemon Go Plus + (Plus), the device connects to the Pokemon Sleep game via Bluetooth and it will track the user’s sleep time and receive gameplay.

Both Pokemon Home, Pokemon Sleep with Pokemon Go Plus Plus will be launched by 2020.

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