Pokemon Go update could bring PvP, Pokemon trading

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For those fans who are still actively playing Pokemon Go, you’d be glad to know that the December update could bring a lot of new things to the game including player vs player challenges, Pokemon trading, generation 2 of Pokemon, and even some of the powerful Pokemon.


GameNGuide reports that we may see a huge update next month like the ability to battle other players using your own Pokemon (which we’ve all been waiting for ever since the release), the second batch of Pokemon known as Gen 2, and even introduce new baby Pokemon feature that, according to Pokemon GO Hub, can be evolved later on.

“Some of the baby Pokemon that might come to “Pokemon GO” are Pichu a baby Pikachu, Cleffa a baby Clefairy and Magby a baby Magmar. Also joining the list are Elekid a baby Electabuzz, Igglybuff a baby Jigglypuff, Smoochum a baby Jynx and a baby Tyrogue, which can be evolved as a Hitmonlee, Hitmonchan or a Hitmontop,” the source states.


Additionally, players could soon be seeing a few strong monsters like pseudo-legendary Tyranitar which is said to have a maximum CP of 3654.

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For now, all the fans can do is be excited and wait for the official update next month. Do you think this will persuade ex-players of the game to go back to Pokemon Go or is it too late?

Updated Tyranitar as pseudo-legendary.

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