Plants vs Undead Farm 2.5 Update: What’s new

The NFT Blockchain game Plants vs Undead is catching wind in the blockchain game category as players and future players look into the upcoming Farm 2.5 update set to go live on September 12. But what is going to happen? Find out as we break down the upcoming changes for Plants vs Undead.

UPDATE (September 21, 2021): This article was updated to include the new rules implemented on Farm 2.5 updates. This includes new PVU to LE (vice versa) conversion rates and requirements.

Plants vs Undead Farm 2.5

The 2.5 updates will be adding new features while fixing some things in the farming mode. Additionally, server issues will also be tackled in hopes of stabilizing the community’s experience when in-game.

The World Tree

According to Plants vs Undead’s developers, The World Tree’s introduction aims to replace the current daily quest system by rewarding all players who participate in growing it—a collaborative quest with the community, meaning more rewards will be received if more players participate.

Here is how it works:
• Every day, players from the entire server give water to the World Tree (minimum is 20 water per player).
• Each reward requires a specific amount of water given from the entire server.
• Once the water requirement is reached, all players who have given water to the World Tree can claim the corresponding reward.

If you are wondering what kind of rewards are in store, check out the following rewards for the first week of the World Tree update.
• Reward 1: 10LE + 1 Sunflower Sapling – requirement: 4,000,000 water
• Reward 2: 15LE + 1 Sunflower Saplings – requirement: 6,000,000 water
• Reward 3: 25LE + 2 Sunflower Saplings – requirement: 9,000,000 water
• Reward 4: 1 Sun box + 2 Sunflower Saplings – requirements 12,000,000 water
• Reward 5: Every plant is automatically fully watered for the next day + 50LE + 4 Sunflower Saplings – requirement: 15,000,000
• Reward 6: 4 Saplings – requirements 50,000,000

Since the first week has passed, the following are the defaulted rewards for the World Tree Quests. Do note as well that the Developers have changed the requirements for the rewards and are now based on how much water was given in the previous days.

• Reward 1: 10LE – requirement: 4,000,000 water
• Reward 2: 15LE – requirement: 6,000,000 water
• Reward 3: 25LE – requirement: 9,000,000 water
• Reward 4: 1 Sun box – requirement: 12,000,000 water
• Reward 5: Every plant is automatically fully watered for the next day (not available at the moment) + 50LE – requirement: 15,000,000 water
• Reward 6: 4 Saplings – requirement: 50,000,000 water

Note that this is a community quest, and in order to be eligible, players must use a minimum of 20 water. Furthermore, all Sapling rewards will be removed after the first week.

LE to PVU conversion (updated)

Plants vs Undead will be implementing new conditions when exchanging Light Energy to Plants vs Undead Tokens (PVU Tokens).

Previous conversion rate

• People with 0 NFT will not be able to exchange their LE to PVU
• Players must have at least 1 NFT plant to have access to LE to PVU conversion (150 LE = 1 PVU)

Extra layer of bot detection

Plants vs Undead devs have noticed that many players have created multiple accounts, tools, and bots to abuse the game’s system. Because of this, the new update will add an extra layer of bot-detection tools. Note that players caught will be banned and will not be able to exchange earned LE to PVU.

Water and chasing crows

The current 2.0 version of Plants vs Undead features watering and chasing crows for other neighboring plots. When version 2.5 hits the live servers, this feature will be removed entirely. According to the devs, the heaviest load for the server was when players go to other farms. So by removing this feature, the game should be able to handle a larger number of players at once.

Farm mobile app
For those on the go but still need to tend to their farm at their batch time, the PVU developers have provided a mobile farm app for Android devices. The process is straightforward, head over to the Plants vs Undead website and login using your MetaMask. Once accomplished, click over the ‘My account’, and locate the QR code on the top left of the page. Once you scan the QR code with the downloaded app, you will be able to access your farm on your mobile device.

For those wondering, players who have entered at a low investment can still play the game. They must simply grow Sunflower until they have enough LE to buy 100 Sunflower Saplings that can be exchanged for a single NFT seed. As of September 9, 2021, players would need an additional four PVU (plus gas fee) to be able to convert 100 saplings into 1 seed. On the flip side, however, players can opt for Sun Boxes that cost 100LE in hopes of getting a random seed. Keep in mind that the odds of this happening is 0.1%.

And there you have it, the changes for update 2.5 for Plants vs Undead. If you want to read more about Plants vs Undead, check out our previous article on it here.

So what are your thoughts on the changes? What is your favorite plant type? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. Avatar for Eug Eug says:

    How can I get back 100 sunflower sampling I try tomy convert it into seeding without minimum 4 pvu but it prompt me successfully converted how can I get it back? Do the system guaranteed back it?

  2. Avatar for Marvin canttalejo Marvin canttalejo says:

    My concern is that i can’t convert lr t pvu i always have ah rerty time and day consistern every day

  3. Avatar for gladsy gladsy says:

    my concern is that I can’t convert le to pvu, I always have a re-try time and day consistent every day

  4. Avatar for Shin Shin says:

    Additional information: As of Sept 9, 2021, you need an additional 4 PVU (plus gas fee)to be able to convert 100 saplings into 1 seed
    Correction: The chance of getting a seed in a sun box is 0.1%

    • Avatar for Eug Eug says:

      Is theres possible way to get back my seedling coz I convert it without a minimum gas fee can you helpmore me dear friend?

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