Path of Exile: Legion league to launch this June

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A new Path of Exile league called Legion is coming to the game this June 2019 that features new in-game contents such as events, items, skills, and revamps.

Path Of Exile Legion League Yugatech

Path of Exile is a free-to-play MMORPG that is very similar to the famed Diablo franchise. The uniqueness of the game comes from its seasonal events called leagues. Each league features new tasks, monsters to kill, items to collect, and many more. For the Legion league, here are the things that players should expect to come:

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Path Of Exile Legion League Yugatech 1

  • Timeless Monoliths – players will encounter monoliths in which when tagged, it will reveal an ancient conflict between multiple legions frozen in time. Players should hit the monsters before the timer runs out to fight them and gain rewards.
  • Enemies from each of the five legions will drop Splinters that will form an Emblem of that particular Legion when combined together.
  • Earn unique jewels from each of the five legions that can be socketed into a player’s Passive Skill Tree.
  • Revamped Melee combat – Players can now cancel their attack animations after they deal damage to the enemy. Movement skills are now instant while new low-level movement skills have been added for various classes. All melee attacks can hit multiple adjacent enemies while the animation system has been overhauled.
  • This league focuses on the new Blood and Sand Gladiator archetypes that can switch between Blood and Sand stance. Rage Berserker archetype also gets a revamp on the Rage system and has gained new skills.
  • Early-Game Monster Rebalance
  • Legion Supporter packs for this league
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Path Of Exile Legion League Yugatech 2

The Path of Exile: Legion will launch on June 7, 2019, for PC while the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 platform will be on June 10, 2019. Watch the trailer below. Click here to know more about the new league.

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