Dr. Mario World for iOS now available for download

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One of Nintendo’s mobile games based on its classic puzzle-solving game, Dr. Mario World, is now available for download in iOS devices.

Dr Mario World Ios Yugatech

Dr. Mario World has first launched in the Android platform last July 5, 2019, and now, it finally arrives in the iOS platform. Previously last month, the game features a puzzle solving game where players must navigate medical capsules to match with the colors of the viruses. The goal is to eradicate all of the viruses on the board per match. It also features unique character skills that you can unlock via a Gacha-like method.

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Dr Mario World Ios Yugatech 1

The Android version might not be downloadable in our region but you can create an American region account to get the game. If you wish to download the game, click the link here to go to the Apple Store page.

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