Fallout 76: Atlantic City – America’s Playground Available Now on All Platforms

Fallout 76 just rolled out a killer update called Atlantic City – America’s Playground, and it’s up for grabs for free!

You can dive into this across any platform you’re gaming on right now. This update brings some fresh questlines to the table, lets us roam around Atlantic City, and packs a new season with some sweet loot.

Wanna get a glimpse of what’s in store? Hit up the launch trailer right here:

So, what’s the deal with America’s Playground? It’s tossing us back into Atlantic City with brand new quests and the freedom to check out the city in all its glory. These quests are scattered around Atlantic City and Appalachia. In the city, we’re facing off against the Overgrown – these baddies have pretty much overrun the flooded city center.

Over in Appalachia, there’s some drama brewing with the Russo family kicking out the Mothman cultists and flipping the Ingram Mansion into a posh nightclub. But, as flashy as they seem, the Russos are sitting on some serious skeletons in their closet, and guess what? They need our help.

You can jump into Fallout 76: Atlantic City – America’s Playground on Steam, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PlayStation 5 and 4. If you’ve got Xbox Game Pass or PlayStation Plus Extra, you’re all set. Dive into all the deets on the update here.

And there’s more – this update kicks off Season 16: Duel with the Devil. It’s all about the showdown between Rip Daring and the Jersey Devil. Climbing the ranks this season means bagging some exclusive gear. For the full scoop on Season 16, check it out here.

For the cherry on top, there’s now a Fallout 1st Seasons Pass up for grabs. If you’re already a Fallout 1st member, you’re automatically in and getting those top-tier rewards. Not a member yet? No sweat. You’ll still get the base rewards, and if you want in on the premium loot, you can snag the Seasons Pass in the Atomic Shop.

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