50+ List of Android Games worth Php99 that are on sale in Google Play Store this week

Aside from the weekly free apps and games round-up, we are also introducing the weekly round-up of paid android games that are on sale this week. if you’re looking for mobile games to add to your collection well, feel free to scan through our list down below. Stay tuned, for more Android games round-up like this in the next couple of weeks.

Paid Android Games (On Sale)

Guppy Sale Price P93.00 ($1.49)| Discount (-57%)
Battlevoid: Sector Siege Sale Price P62.00 ($0.99)| Discount (-75%)
Block Out HD Full Sale Price P61.00 ($0.99)| Discount (-75%)
Potion Explosion Sale Price P96.00 ($2.29)| Discount (-34%)
Johnny Bonasera 1 Sale Price P61.00 ($0.99)| Discount (-60%)
Tallowmere Sale Price P53.00 ($0.99)| Discount (-50%)
Mushrooming Sale Price P61.00 ($0.99)| Discount (-60%)
Mini Golf Arena Sale Price P39.00 ($0.99)| Discount (-66%)
Revolution of everyone Sale Price P48.00 ($0.99)| Discount (-50%)
Sokoban Land DX Sale Price P27.00 ($0.99)| Discount (-33%)
Prison Run and Gun Sale Price P26.00 ($0.99)| Discount (-66%)
Seven Mysteries Sale Price P44.00 ($0.99)| Discount (-66%)
Diseases & Disorders Sale Price P43.00 ($0.99)| Discount (-66%)
Call on hazel grouse Sale Price P79.00 ($1.49)| Discount (-40%)
WILOO Sale Price P27.00 ($0.99)| Discount (-33%)
The Last Dream (Full) Sale Price P23.00 ($0.99)| Discount (-80%)
Plantillas Para Momos Pro Sale Price P16.00 ($0.99)| Discount (-66%)
Braveland Pirate Sale Price P23.00 ($0.99)| Discount (-66%)
Nimian Legends : BrightRidge Sale Price P61.00 ($0.99)| Discount (-66%)
Tennis Champs Returns Sale Price P69.00 ($1.49)| Discount (-40%)
Beat Blackjack! Sale Price P53.00 ($0.99)| Discount (-50%)
Winter Snow in Gyro 3D Pro Sale Price P52.00 ($0.99)| Discount (-60%)
Tanulj Angolul Bárhol, Bármikor! Sale Price P39.00 ($0.99)| Discount (-75%)
[Substratum] Vacuum: P Dark Sale Price P38.00 ($0.99)| Discount (-33%)
Yandere School FULL Sale Price P52.00 ($0.99)| Discount (-50%)
Star Traders 4X Empires Elite Sale Price P53.00 ($0.99)| Discount (-80%)
Dungeon Maker Sale Price P87.00 ($1.49)| Discount (-50%)
PhaRaBis Sale Price P15.00 ($0.99)| Discount (-33%)
Quiz fautes d’orthographe + Sale Price P60.00 ($0.99)| Discount (-60%)
Seul (Alone) The entrée (Text Based Thriller CYOA Sale Price P57.00 ($0.99)| Discount (-50%)
TE Offroad + Sale Price P53.00 ($0.99)| Discount (-66%)
Rima: The Story Begins (Adventure Game Sale Price P88.00 ($1.88)| Discount (-58%)
Dream City Living: Full Version Sale Price P52.00 ($0.99)| Discount (-66%)
Dream City Life: Urban Survival Edition Sale Price P30.00 ($0.99)| Discount (-50%)
DEAD CITY ?? Text Adventure Sale Price P62.00 ($0.99)| Discount (-50%)
Strike Team Hydra Sale Price P82.00 ($1.49)| Discount (-77%)
Who Are You, Mr. Cooper? Sale Price P15.00 ($0.99)| Discount (-33%)
Lowriders Comeback 2: Cruising Sale Price P49.00 ($0.99)| Discount (-50%)
Yandere School FULL Sale Price P52.00 ($0.99)| Discount (-50%)
Construction Simulator PRO 17 Sale Price P58.00 ($0.99)| Discount (-81%)
Train Simulator PRO 2018 Sale Price P58.00 ($0.99)| Discount (-75%)
Hoopa City 2 Sale Price P95.00 ($1.99)| Discount (-50%)
Dr. Panda Racers Sale Price P75.00 ($1.49)| Discount (-50%)
Dr. Panda School Sale Price P75.00 ($1.49)| Discount (-50%)
Tap Jewels Full Sale Price P30.00 ($0.99)| Discount (-50%)
Shuffleboard DX Sale Price P30.00 ($0.99)| Discount (-50%)
Santa’s Monster Shootout DX Sale Price P30.00 ($0.99)| Discount (-50%)
Tap Blox Full Sale Price P30.00 ($0.99)| Discount (-50%)
Birdie Bubble Shooter Sale Price P30.00 ($0.99)| Discount (-33%)
Dr. Panda Veggie Garden Sale Price P75.00 ($1.49)| Discount (-50%)
Dr. Panda & Toto’s Treehouse Sale Price P95.00 ($1.99)| Discount (-50%)
Dr. Panda in Space Sale Price P75.00 ($1.49)| Discount (-50%)
Dr. Panda Supermarket Sale Price P75.00 ($1.49)| Discount (-50%)
Dr. Panda Daycare Sale Price P75.00 ($1.49)| Discount (-50%)

NOTE: Most of the games are only on temporary sale some of them will end in 5 days or even as short as 3-days.

That’s it for this week and let us know in the comment section which game you’ve purchased already or you might already own. Watch out for our round-up next week.

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