Tencent intros new game studio in the US

Tencent Holdings has recently launched a new US-based game studio to reach a wider market outside Asia.

Dubbed as LightSpeed LA, the game studio located in California is spearheaded by former Rockstar Games studio manager Steve Martin. The pioneer team is composed of experienced professionals which previously worked with top video game development companies such as Rockstar Games, Sony VASG, Respawn Entertainment, 2K Games, and Insomniac. According to a report from Reuters, LightSpeed LA will focus more on developing and publishing AAA titles.

The recent move aligns with Tencent’s goal in building game studios outside China and creating original games that will appeal to gamers globally.

“We’re ushering in a new era of game culture by combining world-class development with a stress-free work environment,” shared by Steve Martin to Reuters.

The company recently hired Halo 4 lead designer Scott Warner to lead a new studio under Tencent’s TiMi Studios, the game studio behind Call of Duty: Mobile.

Source: Reuters

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