Slam Dunk game for Android now up for pre-registration

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Team Shohoku makes its way to your smartphone screen!

Slam Dunk Mobile Game

Hong Kong-based game developer DeNA Hong Kong Limited creates a Slam Dunk-themed Android mobile game, in partnership with Toei Animation, that features Team Shohoku’s Hanamichi Sakuragi and other original characters from the 90s anime. Slam Dunk is a 3v3 basketball game that allows players to play it in story mode and brings classic scenes from TV to their smartphones.

Players may play in either in 3V3, 5V5, 2V2, and solo modes in the half-court or full court. It also has a multiplayer mode where you can team up and play with your friends remotely. They may also level up their ranks on rank mode and make their own high school basketball team.

Among the skills included in the game are the iconic Hua Hua Defense, Akagi Dunk, and Lightning Fast.

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The Slam Dunk mobile game is currently available for pre-register on Google Play Store.

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