Sid Meier’s Civilization VI now available on iPad

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Released last year for PC, the latest installment of Sid Meier’s well known Civilization series just made its way to Apple’s iPad.

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Civilization VI or better known as Civ VI is a based 4x strategy game developed by Firaxis games and the sixth main installment of the critically acclaimed strategy series. The company responsible for bringing the game to iOS is Aspyr, which has been porting Firaxis’ games to apple devices for quite some time now.

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What’s fascinating about this release is that Aspyr brought the PC version of Civ VI to the iPad rather than creating a mobile port. Which means players will literally get the full PC game albeit with some adjustments to make it playable on the tablet. Either way, these adjustments we’re only minor tweaks and players still generally get the whole PC experience.

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The catch though, is it’s not entirely free. While the game is free to install, players are only give 60 free turns, after that you’ll have to pay $60 to have access to the full game.

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In any case head on over to this link here if you wish to try the game out.

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