Philippine team places 2nd in Pokemon World Championship 2023

Nintendo’s Pokemon World Championship 2023 has concluded yesterday. OMO Abyssinian, a Filipino team, has bagged second place in the Pokemon Unite tournament.

Pokemon World Championship 2023 Unite

From the franchise’s TCG to Pokemon Go, to their battles in Scarlet and Violet, the tournament tackles all of these. One of these games is Pokemon Unite – a 5v5 MOBA that features some of the monsters of the franchise.

Matches were a best-out-of-three following the single Round Robin format. In the end, the Philippine eSports team, called OMO Abyssinian, fell short against Luminosity Gaming, a Canadian team. Luminosity claimed first place, making OMO Abyssinian land on second.

Omo Abyssinian Pokemon Unite

The first place prize money was USD 100,000 while the second spot has a reward of USD 75,000 and third place was 65k dollars.

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