Nintendo to acquire Next Level Games Inc.

Nintendo has recently announced its plan to acquire Next Level Games Inc., a Canadian video game company. The Canada-based gaming studio has been working with Nintendo for its several action-adventure major franchises like Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon and Luigi Mansion 3. It is known as Nintendo’s second-party partner, which develops games exclusively on the company’s platform.

The initiative aims to boost the partnership between the two businesses and secure collaboration for future projects. Under the acquisition, the Next Level Games Inc. will be a subsidiary of Nintendo Co. Ltd.

According to Nintendo’s statement, several owner-directors recently wanted to sell their shares, which led to the Japanese gaming giant’s recent decision.

There are no financial details yet about the acquisition. However, Nintendo is expecting to close the deal by March 1, 2021.

Currently, Next Level Games Inc. has a book value of 11,061 CAD as of September 2020.

Source: Nintendo (translated from Japanese) 


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