Mobile Games you could play with friends during lockdown! (Part 2)

We’re already in the third week of the enhanced community quarantine, and everyone probably has been feeling restless and bored. Being cooped up inside our homes for nearly a month, we’re pretty sure that you’ve been missing hanging out and spending quality time with your friends. A week ago, we published a list of mobile games that you can play with your buddies. Now, we’ve expanded the titles that you can download straight to your mobile devices.

Marvel Super War

Avengers, unite! Marvel fanboys and fangirls surely get the best of both worlds with this free-to-play, 5v5 MOBA game. Developed by NetEase Inc in partnership with Marvel, the game allows players to be in the shoes of  Spiderman, Iron Man, Dr. Strange, Black Panther, Captain Marvel, and other Marvel superheroes and villains. The ultimate goal is to defend your team’s towers while initiating an attack on the opponent’s turret. Just like any other MOBA game, the Marvel Super War has several modes to play, special items to buy, and eyecatching skins to acquire, which are based on the comic and movie versions of the Marvel heroes.

Download: Android/ iOS


Pokemon Masters

Based on the titular Pokemon series, the RPG mobile game from DeNA takes you to the Pasio island. To build a team and initiate a battle, you’ll have to build an alliance with the other two Pokemon trainers. Players can tag their friends along through the co-op mode, but they will need to play the story mode and reach Chapter 11 first to master all systems that other Pokemon Masters use during the clash. Through the co-op mode, teams can summon Unity Attack:  a powerful attack that is activated when three members in a team have full move gauges. 

Download: Android/iOS



This eight-player arcade game developed by Eric Froemling is made for thrill-seekers. Taking you and your friends to gritty mini-games with stunt-filled courses, the BombSquad is all about competition. It aims to throw bombs and push enemies off a cliff until the last survivor wins all with the help of physics.

Download: Android/ iOS


Draw Something Classic

Unleash the inner artist in you with this classic party game. As a modern take to the charades, Draw Something Classic links players to guess what they are doodling. The player with the most number of words to guess on the list wins. Compared to its earlier version, the recent edition of the draw-and-guess mobile game has now covered more topics ranging from pop culture to science. 

Download: Android/ iOS



The cult-favorite classic card game, which ruins friendships over the years, has a digital version. Players can track their progress, such as trophies, coins, experience, likes, and charisma, which determines their ranks. However, the Room mode allows only up to four players. The Party Mode, however, links you to other nearby players through GPS. If you can’t get enough of throwing +4 and skip cards, now’s the perfect time to do it. Don’t worry, your friends won’t be able to hurt you…physically. 

Download: Android/ iOS

Both available in iOS and Android devices, these mobile games will surely kill boredom and separation anxiety from your friends. Do let us know your experience from these games in the comment section below.

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