MARVEL Future Revolution now up for pre-registration

Netmarble Corp. and Marvel Entertainment have announced that the global pre-registration for MARVEL Future Revolution is now open globally.

The much-awaited second collaborative project is ready to catapult franchise fans and casual mobile gamers alike to the 3D world of MARVEL Future Revolution. Featuring a diverse array of popular characters, players can expect a whole new level of immersive gameplay with mesmerizing storylines and high-stake actions as they serve as the first line of defense to save the new world.

The storyline begins when numerous piles of earth converge from the multiverse to form an entirely new world called “Primary Earth.” Jam-packed with unique zones to explore like the high-tech New Stark City, the perilous Hydra Empire, the wild and rugged Sakaar, and so many more, players will team up in the newly formed “Omega Flight” Superhero team to battle the never-ending series of catastrophes and attacks from Super Villains to defend their new home.

From the get-go, players can choose from eight playable characters, including Captain America, Captain Marvel, Spider-Man, Black Widow, Iron Man, Doctor Strange, Star-Lord, and Storm. All of which come complete with a tremendous collection of over 400 million costume combinations.

Leveraging the Squad System gameplay, MARVEL Future Revolution players can expect to level up, play as new characters, and unlock multiplayer content like Blitz, Special Operation, Raids, and more. They can even flex their Superhero skills in various PvP (Player versus Player) modes – ranging from 1 vs. 1 matches all the way up to a team of 10’s squad battles.

“From the gleaming spires of New Stark City to the shadowed alleyways of Hydra Empire, players around the globe will be thrilled with the vast vistas waiting for them to explore in the wild open-world crafted by our friends at Netmarble,” said Bill Rosemann, VP of Creative, Marvel Games. “Whether you’re soaring through the skies as Storm or barreling through enemies as Captain America, players can live out their Super Hero dreams on an unprecedented scale filled with all the action, drama, humor, and fun that fans expect from Marvel.”

While the actual MARVEL Future Revolution will be available for both iOS and Android devices as a free-to-play game later this year, by signing up to the Global pre-registration via the App Store or Google Play, players can expect to receive a variety of rewards at launch.

You may visit the official MARVEL Future Revolution website for more information.

This article was written by Paula Candelaria.

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