How to Pay for Steam Games without a Credit Card

Buying games or skins from Steam can be a huge hassle for people that don’t have a credit card. While you could get Steam wallet cards from DataBlitz and other sources, they’re still not as accessible as an e-wallet. E-wallets allow you to add money from a lot of options and typically offer 1:1 Peso-to-Steam Credits conversion. Loading e-wallets are also easy, with a lot of different places that offer top-ups such as convenience stores, and department stores. Today, we made a list of e-wallets that you can use to pay for your Steam purchases and a guide on how to use them.


Coins.ph has transitioned from being a cryptocurrency wallet to other services such as paying bills, reloading phones, and even beep cards. With it, you can now also add money to different game outlets, such as Steam. You can add money using GCash, TouchPay Kiosks, eTap Deposits, 10 partnered banks, 7 remittance centers, and 2 department stores.

To buy Steam Credits using Coins, simply follow these steps:

From the Coins.ph app, tap “Game Credits” and then “Steam Wallet”.

From there you can buy denominations from PHP 50 to PHP 2,200. After choosing the amount, tap “Send To Myself” or enter the phone number of the recipient of the code. After that, slide to confirm your purchase.

You will then receive a text containing the Steam Wallet Code.


GCash is Globe’s e-wallet service. You can pay your bills, shop online, transfer money, and buy credits for various games including Steam. They have 19 Over-the-counter, 9 partnered online banks, and 3 Remittance cash in options which makes them very accessible to users.

To buy Steam Credits from GCash, simply follow these steps:

From GCash, tap “Show More”, then scroll down to “Lifestyle & Shopping”, then tap “Game Credits”.

From this page, input your phone number or the number of the person you want to send the code to. Hit next, then scroll right until you find Steam. You can buy denominations of PHP 50 to PHP 2,200.

Shortly after, you should receive a text containing the Steam Wallet Code.

Redeeming Steam Codes from Texts

To convert Steam Codes to Credits, simply follow these steps:

On Steam, click on the box with your name and available funds on the upper right-hand corner then select “View My Wallet.” From there you can click “Redeem a Steam Gift Card or Wallet Code.”

Input the code you got from the text and click continue.

You should then get a Success! window and the funds added should reflect on your account.


Unlike the first two which are e-wallets, PayMaya is a prepaid virtual credit card that allows you to shop from anywhere that accepts Visa transactions online. Because PayMaya is technically a credit card, you only have to pay whatever your buying is worth. You can add funds from 39 different options, including different convenience stores, department stores, and banks, making PayMaya the most accessible of all choices. When you have at least PHP 100 on your PayMaya account, you’d be able to view your virtual card.

Instead of getting a Steam code that you’ll then redeem into credits, you’ll select Visa as a payment option upon checkout.

To checkout, simply fill out the fields on Steam with the data provided on your PayMaya virtual card.


And there you have it! Three alternative ways to purchase off the Steam Store without using a credit card or Steam cards. Their Steam service doesn’t differ too much so we urge you to keep all three if possible. System maintenance or other unforeseeable circumstance could render an entire service offline so it’s best you keep alternatives. What’s your preferred method when buying from Steam? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. Avatar for ken ken says:

    No you can’t its not like fiat currency do.

    While you can buy swc on gcash, paymaya, coins there are some online shop that sells much cheaper like codashop and https://xquareshop.com which both doesn’t need personal identification unlike the former.

    You are welcome! 🙂

  2. Avatar for Frank Frank says:

    Can I purchase food with a steam card or exchange it for cash at Walmart for food or groceries ?

  3. Avatar for Christopher Quijano Christopher Quijano says:

    Just to add: GCash has its own virtual prepaid card – GCash American Express virtual pay. Select Show more icon, select Pay online, then select Pay with Gcash American Express virtual pay.

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