Green Beli and GRBE Token: Should you spend and play?

If you have a green thumb, love Mother Earth, and are interested in hopping into a crypto game like Plants vs Undead, you might want to read on as we delve into Green Beli, a crypto game that promotes environmental awareness and raises funds for eco-activities.

Authors Note: The purpose of the article is to provide a background on this crypto game and should not be considered as a financial or investment guide. Most information gathered comes from the developer’s official documentation found on their website.

What is Green Beli?

Green Beli was founded two years ago, in 2019, which had a mission to reduce plastic waste, promote an eco-friendly lifestyle, and raise a community’s environmental awareness through its media campaigns. Additionally, as a part of the Green Beli Project, the Green Beli NFT Game was created to utilize the cryptocurrency platform to raise funds for eco-activities.

Its documentation notes that Green Beli commits at least 30% of the Green Beli’s Ecosystem Fund to environmental activities. So players can not only make a profit from this crypto game, but they will also be indirectly contributing to the environment. In addition, activities in-game will supplement outdoor activities that aid the environment—so it is a win-win situation.

How does it work?

The native token to this crypto game is called GRBE, which enables players to purchase in-game assets and access the game’s features. According to its documentation, GRBE can also be used as a reward for players, plus it can act as a means to attain a Green Hero. As mentioned previously, Green Beli is a crypto game that supports the sustainment of the environment, and to do this, they have a system called the Green Beli Ecosystem Fund.

The Green Beli Ecosystem Fund is the total funds obtained from selling in-game assets such as seeds, land, and NFT items, along with the fees charged to players for activities present within the platform such as Breeding, Fusion, and your good old marketplace transaction. This system is used for project operation, future development, environmental activities, and other related projects that can benefit the game’s ecosystem.

They allocate environmental activities via two possible venues depending on which amount is greater at the given times. Green Beli can either commit at least 30% of revenue from the sales of tree seeds, land, and NFT items; or 10% of the total Green Beli Ecosystem.

An example of this can be expressed from the following:

• If the total Green Beli Ecosystem Fund is USD 100K while its sales of tree seeds, land, and NFT items equate to USD 50K. The team will take 30% of the USD 50K (equivalent to USD 15K) and fund it to the given eco-activities instead of the 10% of the USD 100K (equal to USD 10K only).

• On the other hand, if the Green Beli Ecosystem Fund is USD 100K, while the sales of tree seeds, land, and NFT items is USD 20K, the team will take 10% of the USD 100K (equivalent to USD 10K) to fund the eco-backed activities instead of 30% of the USD 20K (equal to USD 6K only.)

Whichever venue provides a higher price for the eco-backed activity will be the one used.

How to get started?

To join this green, eco-friendly game, players must buy and own GRBE tokens and NFT items exclusive to the project. To hop in, you can head over to their official website.

1. Download and create an account for MetaMask.
2. Future players must have a Binance account to purchase the BUSD required.
3. Once you have BUSD in your Binance account, you can withdraw it into your MetaMask account.
4. As soon as the BUSD reflects in your MetaMask account, you can have it swapped into GRBE using PancakeSwap.
5. From there, you can head over to the official Green Beli website and connect your MetaMask.

At the time of writing, the GRBE Token is priced at PHP 5.51 (Back on September 22, 2021 a single GRBE Token was priced at PHP 5.4)

How to play and earn

Green Beli has just reached its Q3 milestone in its roadmap, which is the release of its Farming and Staking. Its PVP, Breeding, Fusion, and Play-to-Earn features will follow in Q4 of 2021. With that said, we can still provide you a run-down of its gameplay, as mentioned in its official documentation.

Note that APR changes over time.

I mentioned that its Farming and Staking is the only thing available right now, and to participate, you must input the amount of GRBE you wish to stake. Staking in terms of crypto is allotting a certain amount of tokens to be an active node for the network. By simply holding these tokens, the buyer will become an essential piece of a network’s infrastructure, who will then be compensated for it. So the earlier and the longer you stake, the more tokens the player will be rewarded with.

The game will have a PVP feature, which will make use of a character called a Green Hero that will battle against opponents for rewards. Battles will be randomly matched and are real-time and automatic. According to Green Beli, they will sell 20,000 Green Hero Tree Seeds to whitelisted players for 0.15 BNB each.

Along with its PVP feature, the game will also have Breeding, which allows players to randomly generate a new Green Hero (this will also supply the future NFTs in the marketplace should breeders decide to sell it). They shared that each Hero has a maximum of five breeding times and will not change the Hero’s class. In addition, Fusion will also be available, and it will increase the level of the Hero, which increases the overall damage and rewards it can receive.

Furthermore, its documentation shared that being Away From Keyboard (AFK) will allow players to gain experience even when offline. Each player will have two free plots of land to farm EXP, and each plot of land will have a different amount of EXP depending on its rarity.

Should I get into it?

You can set your sights on this if you want to save mother earth while earning some crypto or NFT assets. The game is still in its early stages, so patience is a must. The key features that should be looked out for are its AFK feature and its Ecosystem Fund system because that is what differentiates this crypto game from others. So if you want to jump in before the kettle starts to boil, you should check Green Beli out.

Again, a gentle reminder that this requires real money to get started. So if you want to get in on this, make sure it is money you are ready to part with, never to be seen again. But if you want to minimize loss, make sure to do your research, check out crypto trends, and stay updated with the game’s social media accounts.

But there you have it, a brief run-down on this eco-friendly crypto game. What are your guys’ thoughts on this? What do you think of its environmentally friendly feature? Feel free to share them in the comments below.

Source: Green Beli documentation

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