EA Desktop App now in beta testing

Electronic Arts Inc. (EA) unveils the beta testing of its next-generation PC gaming platform, the EA Desktop App.

The EA Desktop App beta includes new features and overall improvements to power a faster, smarter, more connected desktop app for its players. it features games and content from EA.

The Desktop App delivers faster experience, easier access to favorite games, and Playtime Controls to help users manage time on playing. The desktop app also made it easier for users to search, install, buy, and play new content and game from their EA Play account. EA also provides new benefits to its EA Play and EA Play Pro members and features a sleek dark mode interface.

The registration for the beta is open to all EA Origin players. However, EA mentioned that the completion of registration does not guarantee automatic admission as the access is provided on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Games downloaded on Origin will be ready to launch through the EA Desktop App. This also includes transactions including game progress, previously bought games, subscriptions, MTX, and DLCs on the said platform.

Origin players may sign up through the official EA website now.

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