A Total War Saga: TROY free for a limited time on Epic Games Store

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Real-time strategy game A Total War Saga: TROY is now available for a limited time on the Epic Games Store.

Inspired by Homer’s greatest epic, The Iliad, it features the historical flashpoints of the Trojan War. Players may fight or conquer the kingdom of Troy and be in the shoes on any eight iconic heroes in the story, including Achilles, Hector, Prince Paris, and King Menelaus. They can build an empire through strategy,  manage a barter economy, conduct diplomacy among friends and foes, and call mythical creatures such as Minotaur and Cyclops during battles.

Players may also claim the Amazons DLC for the game by linking their Epic Games Store accounts to their Total War Access accounts.
A Total War Saga: TROY is available until 9 PM on the Epic Games Store. To claim and download the game, simply log on to your account and click on the ‘Get’ button.
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