36 video games feature the Philippines as locations found in a study

Video game developers often draw inspiration from diverse real-world locations to create immersive digital realms. In an interesting revelation, a recent study conducted by Guide Strats has shed light on the prevalence of the Philippines as a setting in video games.

According to Guide Strats’ research, a total of 36 video games have chosen the Philippines as their backdrop. Hopefully for the country’s allure as a captivating setting for digital adventures, showcasing its rich cultural and geographical diversity within gaming narratives.

To uncover this, analysts at Guide Strats meticulously tallied the number of video games mentioned on each location’s Wikipedia page, providing valuable insights into the gaming landscape’s geographical inspirations.

Unfortunately there isn’t any real mention of the Philippines in the Guide Strats blog, but we are mentioned in the graphic below!

Find the study here.


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