Epic Games Confirms Official Return of Star Wars to Fortnite!


Epic Games and Fortnite have made a name for themselves with their epic crossovers, and the return of Star Wars to the popular battle royale game is no exception. Scheduled to kick off on May 3, 2024, just before Star Wars Day, this collaboration promises to bring new adventures and excitement to players across various game modes.

Teasers and announcements from official Fortnite and Star Wars accounts have sparked anticipation for what’s to come. Players can expect content not only in the traditional Battle Royale mode but also in LEGO Fortnite and Fortnite Festival. This broad spectrum of involvement hints at a diverse array of skins, items, and experiences for fans of both franchises.

Leaks and data mining have already shed some light on what to expect. A new weapon, the “Wookie Bowcaster,” is set to make its debut alongside skins for Rebel Leia Organa and Chewbacca. Additionally, the return of iconic elements like Lightsabers and Force Abilities is sure to delight fans. Fortnite Festival will also see the inclusion of John Williams’ Cantina Band, adding a musical twist to the event.

Fortnite Leia Star Wars Skins 1 1024x512

New Star Wars Skins

Fortnite Star Wars Lightsabers 1024x576

New Star Wars Weapon

While Rocket Racing was not mentioned in the initial teasers, speculation abounds regarding potential surprises in store across the various game modes. With the ongoing success of Fortnite’s collaborations, anticipation is high for what this Star Wars event will bring.

As players gear up for this epic crossover, they can enjoy the current Avatar: The Last Airbender collaboration, which introduced Water, Earth, Fire, and Airbending abilities to the game. Stay tuned for further updates as the Fortnite x Star Wars event approaches, promising an unforgettable experience for fans of both franchises.

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