2018 Asian Games holds League of Legends Esports demo event

The 2018 Asian Games introduced a new category in their competition, which involved the latest trend of this generation, the Esports genre.

The Asian Games, in partnership with Asian Electronic Sports Federation, is currently holding a live demonstration event for the world-renowned game League of Legends. There will be four phases for the whole tournament:

  • Group Stage (A and B) – Best of 1 (BO1)
  • Semi-Finals (1st and 2nd places of Group A and B) – Best of 3 (BO3)
  • Finals – Best of 5 (BO5)
  • Match for 3rd place -Best of 5 (BO5)

Participating countries include:

  • China
  • Korea
  • Kazakhstan
  • Vietnam
  • Indonesia
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Pakistan
  • Taipei (Taiwan)

For today’s matchups, China will be facing against Kazakhstan at 11:00 am (GMT +8), Saudi Arabia against Indonesia at 12:30 pm (GMT+8), and finally, China against Korea at 2:00 pm (GMT+8).

League of Legends is not the only Esports game to be featured at the 2018 Asian Games, a Clash Royale tournament will also be commencing at 3:45 pm (GMT+8) today after the LoL event.

To watch the Esports Demonstration Event, check out Sports5’s YouTube Livestream here:

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