Tencent takes down PUBG Mobile in China, replaces it with “patriotic” alternative

Tencent has shut down PUBG Mobile in China after failing to acquire a license from the government to monetize the game.

In place of PUBG Mobile, Tencent instead launched a game called “Game for Peace“. Tencent described the game as a “tribute to the blue sky warriors that guard our country’s airspace”, referencing the Chinese air force. Due to the shift in the description and game title, Tencent was able to pass the government’s strict regulations and secure a monetary revenue license for the game.

Users on Weibo have noted that Game for Peace is extremely similar to PUBG Mobile, only without the blood and gore. Characters now fall down, get up, and wave goodbye instead of dying in a pool of blood when killed. The players have also stated that upon updating PUBG to Game for Peace, their game progress has been transferred over as well.

Despite PUBG Mobile being shut down and replaced, the PC version of PUBG can still be accessed by players in China through Steam.

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    Am sure their version is the same, only with subtle differences lol.

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