Coolest Gadget at IFA 2017: Lenovo Skywalker Lightsaber for Star Wars Jedi Challenges

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With all the PC and smartphone announcements here in IFA Berlin, perhaps the most exciting gadget we’ve seen so far is the one from Lenovo — the Star Wars Jedi Challenges.

Jedi Challenges

Lenovo and Disney worked together to create the Jedi Challenges VR kit. This is composed of the Skywalker lightsaber, the headgear, and the beacon. The headgear is powered by a smartphone (either Android or iPhone) from 4″ to 5.8″ in size. The lightsaber is the controller while the beacon sets the environment.

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Starwars Jedi Challenges

You download the games via the companion app and select your challenges.

Lenovo Skywalker Lightsaber

The best way to really appreciate this is by watching the videos below:

The Star Wars Jedi Challenges will be coming to the Philippines later this year. Watch out for more details on this.

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